The Agile Samurai Bootcamp Free Download

The Agile Samurai Bootcamp Free Download

About this course:

Free download The Agile Samurai Bootcamp, you can download this course The Agile Samurai Bootcamp if you want to learn how to Everything you need to setup, execute, and successfully deliver your own Agile project.. You will get 34 high quality recorded videos compressed in a zip file so it will be easy to download the whole course The Agile Samurai Bootcamp with a single click, explained in English. Many users are already getting benefits from this course, so don't hesitate to download it and start learning now, it is completely free to download and use. You can start downloading The Agile Samurai Bootcamp by clicking on the link below.

Before you can start learning from this course explained in English (US) you need to have Pen, paper, and fierce desire to learn.

The Agile Samurai Bootcamp is targeting for people that have interset in Beginners , Assumes no prior knowledge of Agile of software development.

Finally you will learn how to A thorough understanding of how Agile works, how it's different from traditional Waterfall, and the mindset necessary to transformation your organization and team, A deep, thorough, understanding of how Agile User stories, Estimation and Planning work, How to form effective Agile teams, and what to look for in quality players, Complete description of roles typically seen on Agile projects including the Agile Customer, Business Analyst, Programmer, Tester, UX Designer, and Project Manager, In depth discussion on topics not typically covered in other Agile course like Agile Teams, How to Create Visual Works Spaces, Communication Plans, and the mechanics behind the Agile Iteration, The rhythm and ritual necessary for delivering something of value every week, Covers important concepts not covered in Scrum training like production readiness, and software engineering, A primer on essential software engineering practices like automated Unit Testing, Refactoring, Test-Driven Design, and Continuous Integration, Techniques and methods to ensure your project works within it's means, while delivering phenomenal value to your customer (The Way of the Spartan Warrior).

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